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CommWorld has adopted a value-set that provides a clear sense of the important, and that enhances a sense of community in our quest for excellence.

Service. We listen to understand... we add value to build customer loyalty.

Continuous Improvement. We think long term... acknowledging that our success comes from everyone.

High Performance. We set high goals and do the things to necessary to achieve them.

Respect. We universally employ the Golden Rule, giving the respect that we expect to receive in an atmosphere that respects diversity.

Integrity. We do what we say we will do... we deliver. We offer challenging opportunities that will test your abilities, expand your skills and reward your performance.

We're rising on a tide of strong financial position, top-quality products, a commitment to excellence and a full speed ahead approach to innovation and development. You'll receive competitive pay and benefits, a positive work environment and the challenge of contributing to an already impressive list of achievements. If you're ready to ride this wave of success in the St. Louis market, CommWorld of St. Louis is welcoming aboard qualified candidates to help plot a course for the next level.


Position Overview

Commworld is looking for a highly motivated multitasked Sales Representative responsible for designing communications proposals for organizations ranging from small business to Fortune 500 This individual must possess the following: Excellent verbal written and customer service skills Excellent computer and typing skills (Microsoft Office) Willingness to learn Computer Network internetworking knowledge (routers hubs and switches) Position:Sales Engineer Qualifications: Must have a prior experience in LAN product sales, be reliable and attentive to details. Salary based on experience and knowledge of current technology.


There are currently no available positions.


There are currently no available positions.